Deletion requestSunting

Hello, can you delete pages on Kategori:Artikel yang layak untuk dihapus please? Thanks. Veracious (bicara) 11 Januari 2022 03.48 (UTC)

@Veracious: i removed spam, not sure about Daftar negara, has been present since 2020 --Mtarch11 (bicara) 11 Januari 2022 03.55 (UTC)
"Daftar negara" means "List of countries", which actually not supposed to be in Wikiquote (out of project scope). Also, it's way different from en:Category:Countries. Veracious (bicara) 11 Januari 2022 04.03 (UTC)
@Veracious: I think you are right, it seems out of the scope of the project. We also hear the opinion of @A88A CPH1923, Dibbydib: who contributed to the article --Mtarch11 (bicara) 11 Januari 2022 04.15 (UTC)
Okay, let's wait for the comment. Maybe it will take some month or so. Veracious (bicara) 12 Januari 2022 11.31 (UTC)